Angelika Steiger

MA Fine Art

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My work involves a diary-like approach towards places-in-between, ‘an exploration of transitional states and concepts of being simultaneously ‘not yet’ and ‘no longer’’. In this powerful zone where one’s values and practices intersect, ‘the artistic process reveals unexpected mysteries behind the seemingly ordinary’.

Personal experiences and memories play an important role in how we perceive the world around us. They intensify our feelings and emotions, thereby giving our lives meaning and richness. I travel the world with my eyes and soul wide open and love to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds. From each encounter and journey I treasure memories worth being worked with, interwoven and transformed into something material. Capturing the energy and spirit of a place, person, object or an idea involves my playing with the eroticism of the unspoken.

To this end I pursue different threads in my art practice. All aim to redefine invisible worlds and introduce them into a new context, into a space between knowledge and aspiration, dreams and reality. I investigate ancient and modern structures, the human body and natural materials with compassion and humour.

Uniting colours, light, glass, paper as well as found objects and materials, my works are transforming and transformative.

photo by Lea Pacan

Atelier Bruggweg 14, 4144 Arlesheim / Hunt Close, London, W11 4JU

Projektraum Walzwerk, 4142 Münchenstein

Never Forever

beehive hut, used books, mirrors, 250x170cm, Galerie Maison 44, Basel, 2016 (Broschüre deutsch erhältlich)

Spleen - Bilder, Skulpturen und Objekte

Exhibition of SGBK/SSWA Maison 44, Steinenring 44, Basel, 9.9.-25.9.2016

Posimänte II, 2017

3.5x19x1.8m, IWB Filter4, Basel

Crystal Wishes

Installation Detail , ReOrsa Project No 4, 2.8x7m, 2009

Shoreditch Diamonds

Installation View, Sculpture Studio Wimbledon College of Art, 7x3m, 2012


Jetzt - Now 

BAZ, Kultur, Annette Hoffmann "Wo die Linie laufen lernt"


Wochenblatt, Thomas Brunnschweiler

Eindrücklicher Spielraum, 5.11.2015

Newspaper Articles

Books and Threads, 2016

collaboration with Helen Goodwin - A-Side B-Side Gallery London